Year-Long Instructional Support

From Theory to Practice

After your staff has been through a half, full, or multi day workshop with a Conscious Teaching trainer, the real work needs to begin. How do we move your staff from inspiration to implementation?

We offer the following on-going support products and services:

1. On-Site Coaching: with an expert instructional coach (see more info below)

2. Online Resources: self-learning online course modules, video series

3. Book Study: books come with facilitator guide and online toolbox of resources

Expert Instructional Coaching

Conscious Teaching will send an expert instructional coach (EIC) to your school to work with a selection of teachers over a semester or year. The EIC will focus on helping individual teachers with their classroom management and instructional design, with a specific focus on translating strategies and approaches learned in the Conscious Teaching workshops into classroom instruction.

We recommend your current on-site support providers (mentors or instructional coaches) shadow our EIC on both the classroom observations and the one-on-one coaching sessions. In this way our EIC can de-brief each coaching session with your support providers providing them with the necessary training to continue the instructional coaching that our EIC begins, in between each visit and after our support contract ends.

On-site instructional coaching has proven to be the most effective when our expert EIC visits your campus for 2-4 consecutive days, every 6-8 weeks. However, many other scheduling options are possible as well. To discuss specific options for your site and receive a pricing quote, please contact us.