Yeah, But What About This Kid?

Tier 3 Behavior Interventions That Work                                          
by Grace Dearborn & Scott Sturgeon


Do you find yourself frustrated because of

that “one kid” you just can’t seem to reach?


Are your teachers feeling less effective because

of increasingly difficult student behaviors?

This is the book for you!

Yeah, But What About This Kid? will give teachers and administrators the strategies and structures they need to succeed with their most challenging and vulnerable students. It provides the missing pieces for both creating effective classroom and schoolwide disciple systems, as well as improving interventions and support for Tier 3 students and overwhelmed teachers.

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What You will Find:

  • How to shift mind sets from “What’s wrong with this kid?” to “How can I help this kid?”
  • How to communicate verbally and non-verbally a desire to support, rather than a desire to punish.
  • How to de-escalate classroom confrontations and use consequences to teach behavioral lessons.
  • How to add layers of schoolwide support to meet the unique emotional needs of Tier 3 students
  • How to design and implement 1-on-1 interventions that affect realistic behavioral changes
  • How to create whole staff buy-in for making productive discipline-based changes
  • How to increase the effectiveness of schoolwide leadership
  • How to roll out a multi-year plan for change

Sneak a Peek

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Table of Contents & Intro

Chapter 3: Classroom Discipline

Praise for the Book

“If you are a teacher or an administrator who has ever struggled to reach that one student — the student with whom nothing seems to work — this is the book for you.” Todd Whitaker, Professor of Education, University of Missouri, MO

“This book should be required reading for any educator who ever doubted that ALL students can be successful.” Dr. Anthony Muhammad, Education Consultant, New Frontier 21, MI

“It’s here! This is the book we have all been waiting for. It provides educators in the trenches with practical solutions to real issues in the classroom.” Kelly Chavez, On-Site Instructional Coordinator, Victorville School District, CA

“This book is a game changer! Every chapter is lled with practical techniques that work immediately to help teachers and administrators better meet the needs of their most vulnerable students. The appendix alone, which is lled with so many speci c strategies, stands on its own as a great resource!” Natalie Winspear, Director of Student Services and Special Education, Lakeside School District, CA

“Roll up your sleeves. Dig in. Whatever your role, title, or position, you grabbed this book with a particular need — and/or a particular student — in mind. Grace and Scott’s expertise will help you shift your mindset, create a plan, and revamp the way you approach your most challenging students.” Pete Hall, Executive Director, Education Hall, ID

This book strikes the perfect balance between support and challenge for its readers. It provides the critical real time tools one needs to find success with difficult students but also offers straight talk about what we personally need to change in ourselves to achieve that success. Jennifer Abrams, Communications Consultant, CA