Trauma & Resiliency

Teaching with Trauma in Mind:

Building Resiliency with Challenging Students & the Teachers That Support Them

How do we address the needs of students living with toxic stress or trauma?

How do we support the adults who exhaust themselves supporting challenging students?


This interactive workshop or webinar helps K-12 teachers understand how trauma affects students’ brain development and what can be done to reduce the negative impacts on their learning.

Participants will explore how brain development is impeded by toxic stress and trauma and what teachers can do to support their most fragile students. Participants will also learn how to deal with their own overwhelm and vicarious trauma as well as how schools and districts can support teachers as they attempt to support challenging kids. See Webinar Schedule

Participants will learn how to:

  • Recognize behaviors that indicate a student has trauma
  • Utilize techniques that can reduce triggers for traumatized students
  • Teach and reinforce various self-regulation strategies to students/classes
  • Build strong positive relationships with challenging kids
  • Recognize the indicators of adult vicarious trauma
  • Mitigate the affects of “compassion fatigue” and develop adult resiliency

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