Online Course – Testimonials

Testimonials from New York City Teachers

 “I took two other classes on a different site at the same time as this one and I feel like I didn’t learn half of what I did from this course from them.”
~middle school language teacher

“I liked how the videos and readings were short but VERY interesting and fun to watch/ read. I took several ideas away and have started using them with great success.”  
~elementary school teacher

“The videos made me want to actually go to a workshop where the facilitators were.”
~middle school English teacher

“The most important thing that I loved and found extremely useful is that the course provided feedback as to WHAT TO DO when behavior problems arise. No other course that I have taken has given me that thus far except for this one.” 
~high school math teacher

“The presenters were so engaging, had relevant stories to share, and effective strategies from their classroom experiences. It was so lovely to learn from them.” 
~elementary school teacher

“I could go on and on. The process, layout and intention of this material was absolutely a ‘weapon’ I needed in my arsenal of gaining an edge as far as teaching procedure, content and behavior equally.”
~elementary school teacher

“I loved your course so much better than any of the other 9 courses I have taken online.”
~high school science teacher

“Every single lesson gave me actual strategies to try the very next day.”
~elementary school teacher

“I loved the positive energy emanating from the professors.”
~high school special ed teacher

“Sometimes I watched your video twice- once for note taking and again to enjoy.”
~middle school social studies teacher

“This was definitely the most beneficial professional development course I’ve ever taken!”
~elementary school teacher