Online Course – Pricing & Ordering

Teachers in New York City (NYCDOE) click here to find out about NYC pricing and ordering. Teachers in Los Angeles (LAUSD) go to our online shopping cart to select and pay for your discounted course session.

Ordering: To purchase a seat or seats in a facilitated course session, click on the “Register Now” link found in the menu above. This will allow you to register and pay online. To purchase an un-facilitated version of the course for your school or program to use internally, please contact us.

Pricing & Credits: The cost of the course varies depending on how many people are taking it.

Facilitated Course Fee (PD hours only)

1-5 participants $199 each
6-29 participants $169 each
30-99 participants $139 each
100+ participants $99 each

Course Materials

After registering, there are no extra materials required to complete this course. Excerpts from Rick Smith and Grace Dearborn’s book, Conscious Classroom Management, and all other required readings will be embedded and downloadable inside the course itself. However, we strongly recommend that you purchase the book if you do not already have one. It is an excellent resource and a terrific form of on-going support once you have completed the course. In addition, only the required excerpts will be available through the course, whereas the book has much more to offer.