Online Course – Frequently Asked Questions

Credits **(NYC & LAUSD teachers see below)

Q: How many credits can I get for taking this course?

A: All participants who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate of completion documenting 36 professional development hours, which you may submit to your district.You may also apply to St Mary’s College for 3 CEUs (Continuing Education Credits) for taking this course. This is optional and requires that you pay a separate fee for the credits to St Mary’s. Forms for applying for these credits will be provided to you when you complete the course. NOTE: CEUs do not carry academic credit and are not the same thing as graduate units. Check with your district to be sure they accept them.

Time Commitment

Q: How long will it take to complete this course? Are there specific beginning and ending dates?

A: It will take the average person 36 hours to complete all the course work. The course is offered twice per year- in the Spring and Fall. Each session is open for 4 months. The course is asynchronous, so you may register at any time while a session is open and complete the course work at your convenience.

Technology Requirements

Q: What kind of technology do I need to access the course?

A: All you need to take this course is a computer with high speed internet access and access to Microsoft Word.

Additional Materials & Fees

Q: Are there any additional materials or fees required to take this course?

A: There are no additional materials or fees once you register for the course. All readings, video lessons, and materials will be downloadable within the course. However, we highly recommend that you purchase our book, “Conscious Classroom Management.” The course is in part designed around the book and while all the required readings from the book will be downloadable within the course itself, these will only be short excerpts. The book in its entirety is an excellent resource for on-going support once you have completed the course.

Management System

Q: Does the course promote a specific system of classroom management?

A: No, there is no specific management system being promoted. Rather, the strategies shared are relevant and useful on their own or for enhancing an existing system.

Emergencies and Refunds**

Q: What if I start the course, but decide it is not for me? Or what if something comes up and I am not able to complete the course on time?

A: In general, a refund can be made, minus a small processing fee, if you contact us at least 30 days before the deadline for your course.

Experience & Grade Level

Q: Is this course better for new or experienced teachers? For elementary or secondary teachers? For regular ed, special ed, or alternative ed teachers?

A: This course will be equally relevant and useful for teaches in their first year as for teachers in their 40th year. While some information will be validating, rather than new, for veteran teachers, there will be many new ideas and innovative take-away strategies for all. The course is not grade or content specific and the strategies will work for all kids of any ages, in any content areas, regardless of motivation, disability, maturity, or language barriers.

Teaching Status

Q: Do I need to be in the classroom right now to take this course?

A: No, you do not need to be in the classroom right now. However, you do need at least a few weeks of classroom teaching experience, even if it is just student teaching or long-term substitute teaching. Many of the questions in the course require you to reflect on your experiences in the classroom. Consequently, you must have at least a little experience.

If you don’t start student teaching for another couple of months we recommend you hold off until you’ve been in the classroom 4-6 weeks before taking this course. In the meantime, we encourage you to read our book, “Conscious Classroom Management,” which will be a tremendous help as you prepare to begin your student teaching.

 ** If you are an employee of NYC DOE or LAUSD, the info above about obtaining credits does not apply to you. NYC teachers, please contact ASPDP for accurate and detailed information about course credit and refunds. LAUSD teachers, this course is worth 1 salary point.