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Conscious Classroom Management Online

Succeeding with Difficult Students

Conscious Teaching’s Rick Smith and Grace Dearborn have developed this classroom management e-learning course for K-12 teachers based on their best selling book Conscious Classroom Management

This course will help both new and veteran teachers become familiar with the invisible concepts and strategies that effective classroom managers use. These strategies will help teachers and their students achieve more in an environment consciously constructed to feel safe and foster learning.

The course is self-paced. The lessons are quick, engaging, and relevant for all teachers regardless of grade level, experience, or student population.

There are two ways to use the course materials:

1. Facilitated. Individuals can purchase a seat in a course session, or schools can purchase seats for individual teachers. The fee is $199 per person.There are 2 course sessions per year. Spring session: Jan 5 – May 5. Fall session: Aug 5 – Dec 5. These courses are facilitated by a Conscious Teaching facilitator. Work is assessed and feedback is given. Work includes a midterm and a final. A certificate of completion documenting 36 PD hours is given at the end. Order now.

2. Un-Facilitated Annual Site License. Schools and programs can purchase access to the 9 learning modules that make up the course and use them to facilitate their own internal PD experience with groups of teachers. The school can appoint a “moderator” who will have admin privileges and be able to track each participant’s progress. Access is for one year. Order now.

  • $1000 to use with a staff/group of 5-20
  • $2000 to use with a staff/ group of 21-50
  • $3000 to use with a staff/group of 51-80
  • $4000 to use with a staff/group of 81-110

Course Information

Grace Dearborn

    • The course consists of 9 lesson modules covering everything from building relationships to teaching procedures to intervening with defiant behaviors.
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    • It will take approximately 36 hours to complete the course.
    • The course is facilitated by classroom management experts, Grace Dearborn and Katie Anderson.

The Research

Hundreds of research studies in education have concluded that the best way to improve student achievement is with a knowledgeable and skillful teacher (What Matters Most, 1996). In other words, the difference in teacher effectiveness is the single largest factor affecting academic growth of populations of students (Sanders, 2000). And the #1 teacher-controlled area influencing student achievement is classroom management (Wang, Haertl, & Walberg, 1994).

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