Grace Dearborn

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Grace Dearborn has been working in education for over 20 years in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to being a veteran classroom teacher at multiple grade levels, Grace has also worked as a Beginning Teacher Support Coordinator, PD Coordinator, Literacy Coach, Curriculum Specialist, Mentor Teacher, and Master Instructional Coach.

Grace has written powerful curriculum for elementary and secondary schools that has gained major notoriety. She authored a year-long literacy intervention social studies course in an Oakland, CA high school that resulted in a dramatic increase in state test scores, raising the school’s overall state score by 70 points over two years. She also wrote and taught integrated 10th and 11th grade Humanities curriculums that were highlighted as models in her school’s accreditation review report. Most recently, Grace collaborated on the 5th grade curriculum for a charter school in Richmond, CA.

Currently, Grace serves as the Executive Director of Conscious Teaching, coordinating all programs and media for the company. She also continues to work nation-wide facilitating workshops for, and providing support to, K-12 teachers, instructional coaches, mentor teachers, and administrators. In this role Grace has helped thousands of teachers and hundreds of schools revamp their classroom and schoolwide discipline and intervention systems, to better meet the unique needs of both struggling students and teachers.

Grace is the author of “Yeah, But What About This Kid?” (2019), a book on Tier 3 behavior interventions and discipline structures. She is also the co-author of two other books: “Picture This!” (2011) and “Conscious Classroom Management, 2nd Ed.” (2016).

In her free time, Grace volunteers at local schools, reads voraciously, bakes emotionally, plays tennis and poker competently (or so she likes to believe), and spends as much time as possible with her family, where her skills at motivating and managing youth are daily put to their truest test by her two teenage sons.

Praise for Grace’s Trainings

“Fantastic! Practical! Fun! I can tell [Grace] must have been a phenomenal teacher!”
Connie T., Mentor Teacher, Chicago IL


“Grace Dearborn is the best presenter I have ever seen! She kept us smiling and laughing and she inspired me to enter my room on Monday and teach with love, calm, and compassion.Laura M., Teacher, Charlottesville VA


“Having doubts about Grace Dearborn? Let me put them to rest. Grace did a phenomenal workshop on student engagement with my staff. Their feedback has been 100% positive. It was hard to imagine that anyone could be as good as Rick (Smith), but Grace made a believer out of me. In fact we liked her so much, we’ve invited her back for two more days!”
Ilka O., Principal, Omaha NE


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