Engagement Video Series

Our new video series on student engagement will provide both new and veteran K-12 teachers with practical, brain-based strategies that will immediately boost student involvement, motivation, and learning. If you participated in a workshops or webinar on “The Engaged Brain” with us and then wished you could see it all again, now you can! If you never had the opportunity to attend a live training with us, find out what everyone is raving about.


Learn at your own pace with this self-paced, asynchronous series. The video lessons are quick, engaging, and relevant for all teachers regardless of grade level, experience, or student population. The series includes:

Participants will explore how the brain learns and how teachers can leverage what the brain likes to better motivate and engage all students, especially those that tend to struggle. You will learn how to:

  • Break up direct instruction in creative, brain-friendly ways
  • Actively engage students regardless of special needs or language barriers
  • Increase movement, laughter, and content-based talk in every lesson
  • Get & keep student attention. Also mitigate the impact of distractions
  • Reduce forgetting and increase memory & retention of key information
  • Use current research in neuroscience to make strategic instructional decisions

Two ways to use the video series

1. Individual Learning. Individuals can purchase personal access to the video series during either the spring or fall sessions. Sessions are open for 5 months and individuals can purchase access at any time while a session is open.

  • Spring Session: Jan 5 – June 5
  • Fall session July 5 – Dec 5
  • Access is $70 per person, per session

2. Group Learning. Schools and programs can purchase group access to the video series for 1 year. Access begins when purchase is confirmed and login links have been sent. Pricing is below.

  • $1000 to use with a staff/group of 5-25
  • $2000 to use with a staff/ group of 26-50
  • $3000 to use with a staff/group of 51-75
  • $4000 to use with a staff/group of 76-100
  • $5000 to use with staff/group of 101-150

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