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Conscious Teaching’s Top 5 Techniques for Teachers

Each of the topics below include multiple proven classroom strategies. Each topic has appeared in one of our seasonal e-newsletters. 


#1 Participation Strategies

How do we get our most reluctant learners to participate in class discussions while allowing them to save face at the same time? Here are 2 ideas.



#2 Warm-Up Activities

How do we easily and efficiently get our students to come in, settle down, and start working right away? Here are 11 ideas.



#3 Checking for Understanding

How do we ensure that students understand the directions we have given? Here are 3 ideas.




#4 Visual Procedures

How do we equitably teach and reinforce key classroom procedures for all our students regardless of language, disability, or motivation level? Here are 4 ideas.

These strategies are taken from our book “Picture This!”


#5 Time Saving Tips for Grading

How can we reduce the time we spend grading while still ensuring that student work is assessed appropriately and used to help students improve immediately? Here are 3 ideas.

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