DVD Streaming Online

The Conscious Classroom Management 5-disc DVD is now available on demand, online!

Now your teachers can access any or all of the forty-nine lesson segments from our five-disc DVD series on any computer, at any time, from any location.

This online series is a both a terrific introduction to Conscious Classroom Management or a worthwhile follow-up to reading the book or attending a workshop.

Like the book, Conscious Classroom Management by Rick Smith, the video covers winning strategies and approaches such as how teachers can

  • Prepare for the first days of school
  • Hold their ground while inviting student cooperation
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  • Use visuals and other non-verbal strategies for classroom procedures
  • Curtail student arguing before it escalates
  • Grow in “inner authority”
  • Build consistency in simple, measurable ways
  • Employ the 2 x 10 strategy for positive connections

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Administrators and Staff Developers:

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In addition to full online access to the entire five DVD set, teachers will also have access to a Teacher’s Forum Bulletin Board, where mentors can post assignments or questions, and teachers can post responses and comments.  Plus, whomever you choose to sign up as the online administrator for your site will be able to see the viewing history of each of the participating teachers.

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