DVD 5-disc set

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This five disc comprehensive video series on Conscious Classroom Management is coordinated with the book and includes a free facilitator’s guide.

These programs provide a powerful model and wealth of ideas to help veteran as well as new teachers organize and manage classrooms to improve learning.


  • Forty-nine “clickable” content items for easy navigation
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  • Page numbers from the book flash right onto the screen
  • Comes with a handbook that provides time sequencing, activities, discussion questions, and black line masters.
  • Now also available streaming online! Learn more about this option.

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  View 49 lesson segment guide

Disc I: Foundations- Inner Authority; Assume the Best About Students; Holding Our Ground; Addressing Teacher Anger (48 minutes)
Disc II: Positive Connections; Consistency (32 minutes)
Disc III: Teaching Procedures (58 minutes)
Disc IV: Before School Starts; the First Days of School (20 minutes)
Disc V: Consequences; When Consequences Don’t Work; Closure (40 minutes)



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