Classroom Management


Conscious Classroom Management:
Bringing Out the Best in Students and Teachers


Why is it good classroom management is often invisible?

How can we understand and utilize these invisible skills with our students?


Conscious Classroom Management is a lively, fun, and interactive workshop that addresses these questions, giving K-12 teachers dozens of practical, eye-opening strategies they can use for managing students effectively, focusing on both prevention and intervention.

In this fast paced, laughter-filled seminar, you will learn and explore:

  • How to make invisible management skills visible
  • How to “hold your ground” in ways that invite student cooperation
  • Seven non-verbal strategies to get kids focused and on-task
  • Four ways to de-escalate teacher and student tension in the classroom
  • One proven method for turning around many of the toughest students
  • A dozen simple strategies for easy classroom transitions
  • Practical approaches for motivating your reluctant learners
  • Strategies that result in reduced anxiety and a fresher, more positive approach to teaching

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PDF  Evaluations of Rick Smith for this workshop

PDF  Evaluations of Grace Dearborn for this workshop



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