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Foam Frisbees

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Foam frisbees are an effective tool in the classroom. Safe, engaging, and motivating, they are used to reward participation, to select respondents, and simply as an energy outlet during “brain breaks.” They are available in an assortment of colors.

“My kids love the foam frisbees and they’re a great incentive for responsible behavior! Thanks!”
Emilie Nottle, San Francisco

“Foam frisbees work so well in my 6 th grade classroom. It gives them a brain break that they look forward to. When I hold a frisbee in my hand the class says ‘Yea! Brain break time!’ Just 2 minutes and they are ready to settle down and work.”
Linda Carta, El Monte, CA

“[Using the foam frisbee,] Student participation skyrocketed! I was able to wait for the majority of the class to raise their hands instead of waiting for two or three. Students were excited to answer formatting questions! Everyone was paying attention, waiting to answer a question. I also realized that using the frisbee helped me slow down the lesson, and it added a light-heartedness to a review lesson. 

“Thank you for the great ideas!” 
Cynthia Steve Johnson, Jefferson County, Kansas



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Chimes work great as a quiet signal – the calming melodic sound cuts through student chatter immediately. Teachers don’t have to raise and strain their voices, nag, or compete with student noise. Use all three notes to get the class quiet and focused. Use one note as a one-minute warning for finishing activities.


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