Brain Compatible Teaching


Rebels With Applause

Brain Compatible Approaches for Motivating Reluctant Learners

How do we get our reluctant learners to participate more without creating confrontation?

How do we engage all our students and help them retain more?


This lively interactive workshop provides K-12 teachers with practical strategies based on current research on the brain that help boost student involvement, motivation, and retention.

Participants will explore how the brain learns, with focus on the MEANS for making a difference:

Memory – key ways to increase your students’ retention
Emotion – its critical role in student learning
Attention – how to get it and maintain it
New Meaning – how to “wire it” into long-term memory
Strategies – Dozens that are Brain-Compatible

Participants will leave with:

  • “Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lecture” – how to break up a lecture and provide multiple opportunities for active student engagement
  • Nine strategies for increasing student participation in class discussions
  • Two dozen ways to increase student attention and retention, especially for your reluctant learners
  • Classroom Management Strategies that are geared primarily for the at-risk student
  • Lesson Plan Ideas That Work

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