Active Engagement Workshop


The Engaged Brain:
Lesson Design Done Better

How do we strategically design lessons to engage our most reluctant learners?

How can we use neuroscience to inform our practice and improve student outcomes?


This lively interactive workshop or webinar provides K-12 teachers with practical strategies based on current research on the brain that help boost student involvement, motivation, and learning.

Participants will explore how the brain learns and how teachers can leverage what the brain likes to better motivate and engage all students, especially those that struggle the most. See Webinar Schedule

Participants will learn how to:

  • Break up direct instruction and increase retention of key information and concepts
  • Actively engage students regardless of special needs or language barriers
  • Differentiate instruction to support the learning of all students
  • Increase movement, laughter, and content-based talk in every lesson
  • Use current research in neuroscience to make strategic instructional decisions

School-Wide In-Person or Virtual PD: Contact us for pricing or scheduling


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