Conscious Classroom Management Book, 2nd Ed

Unlocking the Secrets of Great Teaching (Second Edition)                                          
by Rick Smith & Grace Dearborn

Conscious Classroom Management II makes visible the invisible elements of effective classroom management and provides teachers, regardless of grade, experience, or student population, with effective tools to start improving tomorrow.

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This fully updated edition is even more powerful, more practical, and more user-friendly than the original, with more step-by-step help for new teachers, and more support for administrators, professors, and teacher leaders. Order yours today!

 Over a quarter million copies of first editon sold!

Highlights of the second edition include:

  • A step-by-step planning calendar with downloadable lesson plans for the first five days of school
  • Every chapter expanded and updated, in particular chapters on Rules & Consequences and When Consequences Don’t Work.
  • Three new chapters – “Making Changes,” “The First Week of School,” and “Strategies for Administrators and Teacher Leaders”
  • An online toolbox, with access todozens of videos, teacher-designed lesson plans, planning templates, and sample activities. Click here to enter.
  • A free facilitator guide for book studies, mentoring/coaching, and professional development

Sneak a peek at what the book has to offer below.

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Table of Contents (book)

Table of Contents (online toolbox)

Book Preface

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Facilitator & Book Study Guide

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“This is hands-down the best resource for beginning teachers that I have ever seen.  So useful, so easy to read, and it can change the way you think about teaching.” Gail McGee, Senior Manager, Professional Support and Development, Houston ISD

YES… You can have an extraordinary experience in your first year teaching!

YES… You can have a precise and comprehensive road map for successfully training teachers!

YES… You can improve how you teach no matter how many years of experience you have!


Succeed with students and enjoy teaching like never before!

Transform your class while saving time and energy.

Eliminate power struggles with your most challenging students.

Access a step-by-step calendar for the first five days of school.

Craft solutions that address the diverse needs of all your students.

Hold your ground while inviting student cooperation.

Ignite your love for teaching, while keeping kids focused.

Navigate easily through anger—yours and your students’.

Grow in teacher presence while reducing stress.


        Praise for how Conscious Classroom Management helps both new and veteran teachers:

“This book is a gold mine of practical suggestions for managing classrooms effectively.”  Rick Curwin, Ed.D Author of Discipline with Dignity

“With compassion and humor, Rick and Grace provide deep insight and practical details for what it takes to be a successful teacher.” Wendy Baron, New Teacher Center Co-Founder, Chief Officer for Social and Emotional Learning

Conscious Classroom Management is the one book that all my student teachers keep on the top of their stack for quick reference, for reassurance, and for inspiration.” Janet Scott, Director of Student Teaching, The University of Texas at San Antonio

“Every chapter of Conscious Classroom Management, 2nd edition is filled with practical, take-away strategies on effective teaching that are innovative yet easy to implement. Use this book to learn to teach with compassion, confidence and clarity as you create a safe and structured learning environment, prevent off-task behaviors before they begin, and intervene appropriately to avoid confrontations with students.” Cindy Douglas, Director of Instruction and Professional Development, Grossmont Union High School District, Grossmont CA

Conscious Classroom Management is like Harry Wong 2.0. Our teachers rave about the immediate impact it has on their classroom management and student engagement!  The clickable online calendar by itself is an amazing resource for brand new teachers! If you are a professor, staff developer, or mentor teacher, and can use only one book to train teachers for starting off, this is the one for you.”  Claudette McCann – Consultant, Former Staff Development Coordinator-Leon County Schools, Tallahassee FL


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