Attention & Participation


Mind, Memory, & More:

Increasing Retention, Attention & Participation


Why do students seem to retain so little learning from day to day?

How can we use neuroscience to get kids more involved in their learning?



Mind, Memory, & More is a fast-paced interactive workshop or webinar that addresses these questions and more. Learn how emotion, attention, and memory are connected and how we can apply this knowledge to improve student focus and content retention. Leave with multiple easy-to-implement strategies for getting & keeping attention, overcoming distractions, increase participation, and help students retain more in both remote and live lessons. 

In this training your will learn:

  • How to get and keep student attention
  • How to troubleshoot distractions that impede attention
  • How memories are formed and why it matters
  • How and why forgetting happens and what we can do to reduce it
  • How to increase participation and move students past their resistance to it

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