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Strategies for Mentor Teachers and Support Providers

What are some specific ways that we can help our new teachers succeed?

What are some approaches to take when struggling veteran teachers resist support?


This workshop will address key areas that are often difficult for our teachers, and will offer:

Nuts and Bolts for Observing and Coaching:

  • Establishing Rapport
  • Having the “Hard Conversation” & Sharing the “Difficult Truth”
  • Brain Compatible Lesson Design
  • Classroom Management
    • Hold ground effectively
    • Teaching and reinforcing key procedures
    • Being consistent
    • Addressing feelings of anger and frustration

Practical strategies for Mentors when their teachers are struggling:

  • Maintaining rapport
  • Working with administrators/evaluators
  • Classroom survival ideas
  • Strategies for teachers who are not rehired
  • Reducing stress
  • Nurturing the mentor – maintaining our sense of
    enthusiasm and wonder throughout the process

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